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More for Consumer Interest Groups and Researchers

Consumer Measures Committee
Information on the federal-provincial-territorial Consumer Measures Committee, its mandate and working groups. Includes information for consumers and partners.

Consumer Policy Research Database
A collection of Canadian research references on consumer-related topics.

Consumer Impact Assessment
Information for policy analysts about consumer impacts, consumer organizations and consumer input.

Consumer Trends
A report and updates on current consumer trends in the Canadian marketplace.

Contributions Program for Non-Profit Consumer and Voluntary Organizations
Information on the funds available to Canadian non-profit consumer groups and voluntary organizations working for consumers.

Electronic Commerce
Information on the legal aspects, the standards and the challenges of electronic commerce.

OECD Committee on Consumer Policy
Information on the Organizations for Economic Co-operation and Development Committee, whose goal is to enhance the development and enforcement of consumer policies.

Policy Forums / Consultation
Information on consumer committees and working groups at the national and international levels.

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