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Standards, Codes and Guidelines


What are Standards?
provides answers to the most frequently asked questions on standards and portrays the national and international standards

Participating in the Standards System - A Handbook for Consumer Representatives (PDF Version, 190 KB, 26 pages)
offers information on what technical specifications or other criteria that a product, process or service must meet

Summary of Proceedings - Consumers, Electronic Commerce and Standards Workshop (PDF Version, 86 KB, 24 pages)
increases stakeholder understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the standards process for the development and implementation of consumer-oriented standards

Feasibility Studies For New Standards Relating To Consumers And Electronic Commerce (PDF Version, 241 KB, 86 pages)
explores the practicality, desirability and utility of developing the electronic commerce standards

Guide to Apparel and Textile Care Symbols
offers a description of what the symbols represent

Voluntary Codes

What is a Voluntary Code?
answers to the most frequently asked questions on voluntary codes

The Voluntary Codes Guide: A Guide for Their Development and Use
provides information on voluntary codes and how to develop and implement them

Framework For Evaluating Voluntary Codes (PDF Version, 203 KB, 26 pages)
provides a framework to evaluate the effectiveness of voluntary codes and how they can be improved

Consumer Complaints Management - A Guide for Canadian Business (PDF Version, 357 KB, 45 pages)
assist businesses and industry associations contemplating, or wanting to update, consumer complaint management initiatives


Evaluation of Operations Related to the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Card Services (PDF Version, 322 KB, 40 pages)
provides feedback and analysis on the nature and extent of operational adherence to the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Debit Card Services

Harmonized List of Prohibited Collection Practices
lists and explains the collection practices prohibited to collection agencies in Canada

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