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Year: 1998 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipients

Dawn Jetté , Richard Edwardson

School: Walnut Road Elementary School, W. E. Kinvig Elementary School

Principal: Diane Lauga, Kerri Wallin
Grades/Subjects Taught: Elementary, all subjects

Teaching Approach:

  • Create a teaching program that meets the needs of all students, from gifted to those with learning disabilities.
  • Motivate students so that they will become self-learners.
  • Demonstrate to students that education has a practical purpose, that knowledge is not just for answering questions on tests, but for meeting challenges in life.

Outstanding Achievements:

Developed the Odyssey Program:

  • consists of five teaching units to engage students and convince them that the study of the ancient world, including human origins, is not irrelevant to their daily lives
  • each unit is designed to be a "mini-adventure" and calls for a high degree of student involvement, self-discipline, responsibility, creativity and decision making
  • units are simulations, produced with the computer and in actuality. For example, the first (called The Dig) is a week-long simulated archaeological excavation, complete with hidden artifacts, set in 20 acres in a rural area.
  • all units together comprise a year's work. The program as a whole integrates all subjects: mathematics, sciences, languages, social studies and the arts.

Collaborated with the National Film Board of Canada in the late 1980s to produce a film about The Dig that is still being shown throughout Canada, the United States and in Britain.