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Year: 2006 – Province: Alberta

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

School: McNally High School
8440-105 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6A 1B6

Principal: George Rice
School Telephone: 780-469-0442
School Fax: 780-465-5958
School Website:
Grades/Subjects Taught: Grade 10-12, Biology, Science

Teaching Approach:

  • Motivates students to achieve the best of their ability, no matter their learning style.
  • Emphasizes technology as a learning and communication tool.
  • Has a high level of student accountability and responsibility for their work.
  • Believes in inter-department and intra-department sharing of strategies to improve student learning.
  • Regularly communicates constructive feedback to students and parents.
  • Prints out notes for students ahead of time so that more time is devoted to further explanation and development of concepts.
  • Employs as many learning modalities as possible in a lesson.
  • Promotes hands on learning, including role-playing, and connects concepts to everyday experiences.
  • Instills the critical skills of setting goals and managing time effectively.

Outstanding Achievements:

  • Mr. Case's class web page allows students to obtain notes, classroom assignments, and interact with their teacher through a question and answer chat component. This allows students to get assistance from their teacher while working on assignments at home. Mr. Case has also created an email process that enables him to communicate assignments and test results on an ongoing basis to his students and their parents.
  • At the beginning of all his courses, Mr. Case has his students set coals for the course, communicating what mark they want to get, why they want to get it, and how they will go about getting it. These goals are reviewed after every mark received by a student so that they can assess where they stand.
  • Mr. Case has had a number of his students participate in the University of Alberta's Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology program, and the Heritage Youth Research Scholarship program.
  • Mr. Case has been heavily involved in the school's extracurricular program, coaching football, being a teacher sponsor of the volleyball team, and has organized and conducted a student hiking club that ended with a trip to Nepal and Mount Everest.
  • He organizes and prepares students for the Nation Biology Competition for which McNally students have won National Biology Scholar with distinction awards and came 12th place out of 374 schools in 2004.
  • Mr. Case, in collaboration with three other teachers, initiated a McNally Summer School program for which he is the Principal.
  • He is an examiner with the International Baccalaureate Organization and an exam marker for students around the world. He has been a member of many provincial committees with regards to the provincial diploma exams, as well as the program to develop School achievement Indicators Program for the federal government. As a textbook proofer, his job is to ensure that the texts are student and teacher friendly and that they reflect the province's curriculum and standards.
  • As a Teacher Leader with the Telus Learning Connection, Mr. Case prepared multiple lesson and unit plans for teachers that implement multimedia content and the integration of Flash animation for the teaching of biological concepts.

Rave Reviews:

"He is an inspiration to us all and a very good role model, not only for myself but other students in the school." - Student

"He is very conscientious about the students he teaches, he knows them, follows up on the attendance, and teaches the students in his class rather than simply teaching a subject." - Principal, McNally High School

"David Case is a brilliant mentor and a great example of what it takes to be a first-rate educator. I would like nothing more than to be one of his colleagues so I may continue to learn from his example and dedication to his career." - Student teacher mentored by Mr. Case