Christine Marin

Year: 2010-2011 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Christine Marin

Alfred B. Dixon Elementary School
9331 Diamond Road
Richmond, BC V7E 1P5

Principal: Darryl Unger
School Tel.: 604–668–6608
School Fax: 604–668–6574
School Email:
School Website:

Video Profile

Subjects and grades taught: French Immersion Math, Science, Technology and Fine Arts for grades 4 and 5

Look up "influential" in the dictionary and you might just find a photo of Christine Marin. With over 35 years of experience, Ms. Marin is everybody's go-to person; she's done it all and she's done it all well. No project is too small and no idea too big and colleagues often wait in line to find out what she thinks. Ms. Marin is known for generating and initiating opportunities for others.

Teaching Approach

Ms. Marin helps her students make sense of their world. She finds ways for her students to make real life connections to what they learn in class and encourages them to "Always know why you're doing what you're doing ". Students learn to use the latest software and technology and are even passing the knowledge on to their parents.

Outstanding Achievements

  • Ms. Marin has brought educational ideas such as Beyond Monet, Tribes, Graphic Intelligences and the Making Connections Conference to the Richmond District School Board.
  • Every summer, Ms. Marin plans, designs and teaches a week-long summer institute called French Immersion Bon Débuts/By Design for French Immersion teachers from around BC. Attendees are challenged to share ideas, develop their French skills and see how technology can enhance the learning experience of their students. At the end of the conference they receive a CD-ROM complete with all the information presented, including teaching strategies, graphic examples and a list of resources.
  • Ms. Marin is also involved with educational projects at the secondary school level with the Vancouver Learning Network and teaches courses at both Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. Ms. Marin's involvement doesn't stop there, as she is active in math curriculum development with the BC Ministry of Education.
  • Ms. Marin bridges professional development and cultural learning opportunities for her students by bringing student teachers from France to work with her French immersion students.
  • She has taught students to create blogs. They have written about the Dixon School sustainability project and as a means of communicating with a class in Strasbourg, France.

Rave Reviews

"In all my years as an educator, I must say that I have never met a more motivated, enthusiastic, inquisitive, dedicated, hard working and influential professional."


"Her endless energy, her ability to command respect in a calm and dignified way, her quiet resolve to work really hard and long, her problem-solving skill and her ability to instill confidence in students of all ages (…) make me want to be a better teacher."