Randy McLeod

Year: 2010-2011 – Province: Saskatchewan

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Campbell Collegiate
102 Massey Road
Regina, SK S4S 4M9

Principal: Todd Edwards
School Tel.: 306-523-3250
School Fax: 306-791-8679
School Email: campbellcollegiate@rbe.sk.ca
School Website: http://campbellcollegiate.rbe.sk.ca/

Subjects and grades taught: Math and Calculus for grades 9 to 12

Teaching approach

No distance is too far between Randy McLeod and his students. And no matter the distance, his impact is incredible. More than 95% of Mr. McLeod’s students – through both online and in-class learning – successfully complete his Calculus class. Mr. McLeod’s technology is accessible and so is his style; his presence has been compared to that of a DJ or a television pitchman.

Outstanding achievements:

  • Mr. McLeod’s classrooms often encompass one or two urban classrooms, along with students from as many as 35 rural communities at a time.
  • After 12 years as a regular classroom teacher Mr. McLeod a “pioneer” in distance education in 1990, teaching Calculus and Trigonometry via satellite television to students throughout Saskatchewan. He later developed an online method for improving learning opportunities for rural students and professional development for their teachers. This was developed at first using Live Interactive Video Education (LIVE) and now integrates SMART Boards and other new technologies.
  • In 21 years as a Distance Educator, Mr. McLeod has taught more than 2200 students and mentored over 40 teachers at a “Distance” while maintaining his regular classroom responsibilities.
  • Mr. McLeod initiated an e-journalism project through which an urban school partnered with a rural one to report on conferences. The project included video “photostory”, podcasting and newsletter components and combined social media and various software with English Language Arts, French Immersion and Journalism curricula.

Rave reviews:

"Randy McLeod has demonstrated his passion for teaching to thousands of students across Saskatchewan and they were all very lucky to have him as their Calculus teacher."


"Randy is a role model to his students and because he shows genuine interest in them, many have responded to his modeling of distance connections by establishing connections with one another in and out of class."

Director, Saskatchewan Ministry of Education