Nathalie Deschênes

    Year: 2010-2011 – Province: Québec

    Certificate of Achievement Recipient

    École secondaire Paul-Le-Jeune
    450 St-Joseph Boulevard
    Saint Tite, QC G0X 3H0

    Principal: Yves Dessureault
    School Tel.: 418-365-5191
    School fax: 418-365-5130
    School e-mail:
    School website:

    Grades and subjects: Science and technology, grades 9 and 10

    Teaching method

    In a small rural school of 600 students, Nathalie Deschênes manufactures soap and teaches confidence. Ms. Deschênes, a dynamic force, is warm and welcoming. She feels that high school first goal is to shape balanced and well-rounded individuals with a complement of knowledge and skills.

    Outstanding achievements

    • Ms. Deschênes set up a soap factory with her students. Through the small business manufacturing natural and environmentally friendly products, she teaches not only the steps to follow in entrepreneurship but also chemical formulas, math, marketing and other important lessons.
    • Year after year, Ms. Deschênes’ students participate in the Expo-sciences Bell. In 2009, the team also won the provincial final and thus was able to participate in the national final. They even had the honour of representing Canada in the international final in Tunisia.

    Rave Reviews:

    "… This science enthusiast was able to guide and advise my child these last two years when he had the opportunity to have her as a mentor for his Expo-sciences project. It is in great part due to the time and energy she gave to helping my child and his teammate in their project that they were able to present it all the way to the international level."

    Mother of a former student

    "I have had the pleasure and honour of working with Nathalie Deschênes for 15 years now…. Conscientious and methodical in her work, she is a model that inspires her colleagues in addition to motivating and stimulating her students."