Heidi-Ann Pöltl

    Year: 2010-2011 – Province: Ontario

    Certificate of Achievement Recipient

    St. Michael Catholic Elementary School
    387 Line 3, RR2
    Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0

    Principal: Brian Palujanskas
    School Tel.: 905-684-1051
    School Fax: 905-684-5521
    School Email: st.michael@ncdsb.com
    School Website: www.niagaracatholic.ca

    Subjects and grades taught: All subjects except French for grades 6/7 split

    Teaching approach

    Students feel like stars when Heidi-Ann Pöltl is their teacher. Organizer-extraordinaire, Ms. Pöltl manages to orchestrate costuming for over 75 students and parents involved in the school play. But behind-the-scenes work is just the beginning. With endless amounts of curiosity, a whole lot of insight and even more humour, Ms. Pöltl dedicates herself to getting involved and finding exciting ways for her students to learn, participate and be creative … showing them ultimately that “It’s all right to be smart!”.

    Outstanding Achievements

    • Ms. Pöltl constantly supplements her teaching with websites and technology to help her students understand. Students can dissect virtual frogs on froguts.com, build electronic circuits on blobz.com and learn about motion on edheads.com.
    • Ms. Pöltl offered her students’ services to do a write up for their local paper. They are responsible for gathering information from fellow classmates and teachers and reporting on it every five weeks. Students work together to research and present the article, check the facts, manage their time and meet deadlines.
    • Ms. Pöltl encouraged her students to read during the month long Notl Library Reading Contest. They read over 500 books and ended up winning a computer for the school. Her students also regularly participate and win at science fairs, public speaking contests, spell-offs and model UN debating competitions. She herself has even won an outstanding science fair teacher award… twice.

    Rave Reviews:

    "My daughter still maintains a relationship with Ms. Pöltl today which has evolved from a teacher-student relationship to one of a young woman-teenager in which my daughter looks to Ms. Pöltl as a role model and mentor and aspires to be like her ‘when she grows up’."


    "I can speak for all past and present students who were lucky enough to have been taught by Ms. Pöltl; we have been blessed by one of the few teachers that fully understand the wild, imaginative mind of a young student."